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Professional Video Storage- DVT10T2

DVPro - ThunderboltTM  Series

DVT12T3 LS rgb300


Added to DVPro USB3 series, DVPro ThunderboltTM Series is designed for video professionals to cope with high definition and 4K/8K video processing. The latest Thunderbolt 3 model, DVT12T3 provides 12 SATA drives capacity and delivers more than 2000MB/s under RAID 6 protection. Support three 4K60p video streams of Avid Media Composer® and  BlackMagic DaVnci ResolveTM 8K60p editing without frame drop.

The purpose-built RAID controller resides in all DVPro series products processing real time double redundancy data I/O on the fly. To achieve long up time, the storage controller performs Spot-recovery at run time to handle the spontaneous soft error dramatically reducing time to replace hard disk and rebuild the RAID redundancy.

Both of models supports 3.5" SATA disk drives hot-swappable from side panel, and are designed with highly reliable server grade Delta power supply and long life Sanyo Denki fan.

DVT12T3 RFopen rgb300


DVT12T3 12 x 12TB HDD under RAID 6

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* iMac Pro® 2018 8 Core Xeon W 32GB OS X® 10.13.6



Common Features

  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6(Default)
  • Hardware RAID Controller in-house IP
  • Support hot-swappable SATA HDDs
  • Adjustable Read-ahead cache size
  • Adjustable HDD Recovery Priority
  • Zero Initialization Time on Boot
  • Spot recovery reduces system down or degraded time
  • Background HDD sector patrol and correction
  • Power Delivery supports Host charge and Bus-powered Device
  • LCD panel for status monitor and control
  • LAN port for Web GUI, SMPT email alert, SNMP trap
  • Enclosure Monitoring for Fan, Temperature
  • LED/LCD Fault indication, Buzzer Alarm and Mute
  • Low Acoustic Noise fans with speed control
  • Mac OS and Windows Certified (Driver provided for Windows OSs)
  • Server grade Delta Power Supply and high reliability Sanyo Denki fan
ThunderboltTM is the trade mark of Intel Corporation. Other trademarks belong
to their associated owners.


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