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Portable Mirror Storage

NM352M3 - Professional Mirror Data Station

NM352 portable storageNM352M3 Portable Storage

Powered by BIOS RAID Engine with in-house SATA IP and Real Time DMA switching 

A portable data storage beyond simplicity:

  • Portable and rigid design protected by silicon corner
  • Stretchable belt for easy carry
  • Two 3.5” SATA disk configurable RAID 0, 1 Support
  • Super speed USB3.0 UASP and eSATA Host Support
  • Two LUNs and >2TB LUN support
  • Medical grade internal power supply - no Adapter
  • Quiet fan with speed control design
  • Inband Management Tools
  • Alarm buzzer and mute button, Fault LED

NM352M3 Download