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Best Portable RAID6 Storage


Best RAID, an innovative storage design allows video professionals to do their job at any place, any time with this compact box. For portable applications, Best RAID Storage, designs withconcepts“Easy to Move”, “Energy Saving”, and “Space Saving”. The Storage embedded with a highly reliable and powerful RAID engine supports real time dual redundancy RAID6 and advanced Spot Recovery function to reduce down time of work and increase productivity.There is almost no performance degradation even at drive down status. Adjustable rebuild priority guarantees necessary bandwidth deliverable to your working requirement.

Thanks to the specialized RAID6 engine, no compromise between performance and reliability

BR256B3 Portable USB3 RAIDBR256B3 Portable USB3 RAID 6 Storage


l  Dual Host interface, eSATA and USB3

l  Six hot swappable and lockable 2.5” drive support

l  RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 mode

l  Over 2TB, Dual LUN Support

l  Spot recovery reduces system down or degraded time

l  HDD patrol and correction support

l  Adjustable HDD Recovery Priority

l  Adjustable Read-ahead cache size

l  ZeroInitialization Time onBoot and Volume initialization

l  256MB cache buffer

l  LCD panel for status monitor and control

l  LAN port for Web GUI, SMPT email alert, SNMP trap

l  Enclosure Monitoring for Fan, Temperature

l  LED/LCD Fault indication, Buzzer Alarm and Mute

l  Low Acoustic and High Reliability Sanyo Denki Fan

l  Plug and Play, no Driver required

l  Internal Medical grade Power Supply