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2015.3.12  BIOS AP announces added one new member to its DVpro series of storage for professional users – DVT10T2– A Thunderbolt2/USB3/eSATA RAID storage supports 10 x 3.5” drives with RAID 6 protection, sample ready now.

DVpro series as its name is designed for Video professionals handling high definition video workflow such as 4K video editing and recording. Its Thunderbolt2 interface delivers a substantial 1GB/s throughput for video application. Audio/Video equipment with popular USB2/3 or eSATA interface can directly mount to the same storage space without extra adapter for conversion. Its multiples host interface provides the best flexibility for use. Not only is the versatility, DVT10T2 also the fastest USB3 RAID 6 storage you can ever find in the market. With latest USB3/eSATA6G host interface, one can get more than 400MB/s substantial throughput without scarifying data protection under RAID 6 configuration.

The purpose-built RAID controller ERIC10TB2 resides in DVT10T2 system performing real time double redundancy data access on the fly. Further for reliability and product life enhancement, the controller stealthily conducts real time Spot-recovery to mitigate the error of large and economic SATA HDDs.


-        RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6(Default)

-        Support Thunderbolt2, USB 3.0 and eSATA 6G Host

-        10hot-swappable SATA HDDs

-        ZeroInitialization Time onBoot and Volume initialization

-        Background HDD sector patrol and correction

-        Support two LUNs or single LUN mapping

-        1GB Cache buffer

-        Ethernet RJ45 port for Web GUI

-        Enclosure Monitoring for Fan, Temperature

-        LED/LCD Fault indication, Email Alarming and SNMP Trap

-        Highly reliable Sanyo Denki Fan with speed control

-        Plug and Play, AHCI compliance with no driver

-        Server grade Delta Power Supply

 For product feature and more details, please refer to product introduction page.